About SHC

Welcome to our investing match social community! Smart Hustle Connect is a community created to make it easier to find friends and business partners to invest with on a more personal basis, rather than having to pledge funds on a larger group basis to a general project or idea. Smart Hustle Connect is for individuals looking for other individuals local or far to start investing in something great with. This site makes investing more personal, interconnected, modern and most importantly safe. All profiles are vetted and confirmed and constantly screened. On SHC you will have the opportunity to exchange your contact information with new business partners and investors and meet up one on one or use digital platforms provided on this website or of your choosing to further discuss your ideas with your new partners.

This site brings individuals together and allows you to cultivate long term one on one working relationships. You do not send, pledge or receive any money directly on this site EVER. You simply meet like-minded individuals and see if you can help each other to reach shared financial independence or simply realize a business plan together that makes life and work be more on your terms. SHC is very much a social media platform where you will find business friends. Importantly this is a platform where you can educate yourself with the help of SHC and great advice from other members about starting business.

Our goal is both to find you friends to begin a great business with and to teach you how to succeed and make starting a business easier. Please join or community and bring your valuable ideas to the table and make lucrative safe and SMART connections with others!

About Founder

Cheers SHC community! I am an Emergency Room Physician with more than 12 years of post-graduate education under my belt and have been practicing for many more years. With all of my education, you would be surprised I found that I did not know how to start a business neither did I know how to find like-mind entrepreneurs to collaborate with. This is not something you learn in school necessarily.

I genuinely wanted to start a business and had varies good ideas, had generated some funds, had the motivation but did not know where to start. I started doing my own homework, listening to some great investing podcast and learned so much using these platforms but yet, I still could not find a clear direction of how to find other like-minded investors. On websites, I found very impersonal ways of funding general projects for people you never really work one on one with or was told to simply get a loan from the bank. It didn’t feel like I could really own the idea or share it one on one with others of my choosing whom I could potentially partner with.

This community was built for people like us, so we can learn how to start a business, meet doing the same others and make life-long business friends. Welcome and please take careful ownership of this community to make it safe and what YOU want it to be! I promise to keep it safe, trustworthy and innovative as well.