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16 Dec 2020

Salut, investors and entrepreneurs!  I wanted to spotlight one of my favorite investor websites that I’ve visited for many years.  It’s called The White Coast Investor.  It primarily targets medical professionals but I’m sure any investor with disposable income but with a near complete lack of investment knowledge could benefit from it.  Whether you’re a nurse, an engineer, an artist, a teacher or anything in between it’s just a beginners course for professionals who are right out of school and starting to make income and looking for the best way to save and invest it.  Unfortunately, unless you major in finance or unless you were luck enough to have someone show you, you will not learn how to save and invest wisely in school.  More money does not equal more wealth if you don’t know how to maintain it and invest/save wisely.  It even gives advice about first time home buying and programs out there for professionals.  If this sounds life where your at in life, you can check them out at and let me know what you think!

Remember, investing should be fun and excite you!

Yours Truly,

Team Hustle

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