Check it Out Spotlight:

14 May 2020

Salut, investors and entrepreneurs!  I wanted to spotlight one of my favorite investor educational podcast, Millennial Investing Podcast with Robert Leonard.  I love this Podcast and to be honest, I listened to it quite a bit before I gathered enough courage within myself to start a business of my own.  It basically consists of a few short average 45mins episodes where the host, Robert Leonard, talks to highly successful investors and entrepreneurs from different industries.  Throughout the episode they discuss briefly how they got to where they are professionally and most importantly within this frame, they give tips to the listener about what they’ve learned along the way about investing smart.  It’s cool, it’s hip, and it definitely has the millennials in mind as we are now becoming the biggest group of investors out there.  This Podcast can be found on Deezer, YouTube, Google Podcast to name a few, or check it out their website to listen to tons of free episodes.  

Remember, investing should be fun and excite you!

Yours Truly,

Team Hustle 

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